Designed as a stand-alone system fitted to the trailer with the advantage that it will work with any tractor. RG-ARTIC is ideal for companies that use spot hire vehicles.  When activated the system completes an initial self test and advises the driver that it is operating correctly.

This system is simple to fit and maintenance free; it uses specially designed high visibility LED signalling lights similar to those used on police vehicles to aid the driver.

The system will detect an object crossing the path of the vehicle while at the same time offer an indication of its distance.

Not all objects are human and while this product is a must have safety aid it will also significantly reduce rear end damage and safeguard your loads.

As with all our products the technology is manufactured and tested to the highest standards, resistant to environmental conditions such as moisture, dust, vibration, heat, cold, sun glare and others.

Technical Specification

Power Supply     10-30v DC
Maximum Current consumption (activated)     50 mA
Maximum Current consumption (triggered)      75 mA

Sensor Specifications

Distance Distance     upto 1.0 m
Ultrasonic Frequency     40 Khz
Sensor Operating Temp Range     -20 to + 85°c